The Life and Work of Richard E. McDorman
Saturday April 29th 2017

Essay Series

I am pleased to announce that my 2009-2010 essay series is now partially available, exclusively through’s Kindle digital reading device, which can now be downloaded as a free PC application.

The following essays are currently available from

The Development of Government and Religion in the State of Israel (2009)

Universal Iconography in Writing Systems: Evidence and Explanation in the Easter Island and Indus Valley Scripts (2009)

Liberty and Scientific Evidence in the Courtroom: Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and the New Role of Scientific Evidence in the Criminal Courts (2010)

Language and the Ancient Greeks and On the Decipherment of Linear B (A Pair of Essays) (2010)

I have been working on this series of essays, which covers a range of areas in of the humanities (history, philosophy and law) and the social sciences (linguistics, archaeology and political science) for the last few years and I am quite excited to have finally finished several of them. I would like to thank those who have already read and commented on the essays as well as those who will do so in the future. I would like to especially thank Alexandro Angelbello, the talented artist who designed the cover images for these essays.